FAQ – December 2021

FAQ – December 2021
  • August 24, 2022

What is the current F4 India VISA Movement?

As of December 2021, NVC is processing Welcome letters for January 2005, and US Consulate Mumbai is conducting the interviews with DQ in October / December 2018.

(Priority Date: December 2004)

What is the F4 Visa waiting time for India?

F4 Visa is a family-based category (siblings). The waiting time of the F4 (Brother and Sister) category is 17 years as per current status.

What is the Visa Bulletin latest news for F4 Visa Category for India?

1.         Final Action date for F4 Visa category 15 September 2005

2.         The date for Filing for F4 Visa Category (Welcome Letter) is 1 January 2006

How can I check F4 India Welcome Letter Status?

You can check the welcome letter status on nvc.state.gov (Visa Bulletin)

Why is Movement slow in F4 Row for India?

India has a higher waiting time because of their US Citizen Siblings so many sponsored. The current waiting time of this category is 17 years. F4 Visa Category has a cap on the number of visas issued each year.

What is the NVC Welcome letter’s Current status for F4 Visa in India?

F4 Immigrant Visa category India Applicants having January 2006 Priority date are getting welcome letters issued.

What is the current Priority date for December 2021 visa bulletin?

As per the December 2021 Visa bulleting, the final action date for F4 Category Visa is 15 September 2005, but in actual NVC is scheduling Interviews with Priority date December 2005.

What is the current processing DQ for F4 Visa Interviews in US Counsel Mumbai?

The current Processing DQ for F4 Visa Interview is October 2018.

Why are F4 Visa Interviews not current for 2005 yet?

NVC is rescheduling the interviews for the applicants having priority date 2004.NVC will start the process

My F4 visa priority date is March 2005. How much time do I have to wait for my interview call?

Currently, NVC is rescheduling Interviews for applicants whose Interviews were canceled last year in March 2020 due to Covid-19 and scheduling fresh Interviews for petitions with a priority date of December 2004 with DQ in October 2018. Based on these scenarios and as per our Calculations, your Interview letter may come next year in-between April to May 2022.

My DQ for the F4 category is February 2020, and the priority date is March 2005. When can I expect my interview letter from NVC?

People who had DQ in October 2018 with priority date December 2004 are getting Interview letters, so your wait for an Interview letter may end in the last week of June 2022.

What are the Notes for the interview for F4 category visa?

You must convince what you saying to visa officer, create sympathy with the reviewer; you must pay attention to the following:

* Answer the focus of the questions asked by visa officer at the time of interview, your replies should not be very lengthy. Cumbersome replies are often not appreciated

* You must have confidence in your communication with visa officer while answering his questions at visa interview in us consulate Mumbai.

* You must give 100% true and correct answers and avoid spending extra time on visa interviews.

* You must prepare your interview in advance and bring all the documents requested by the NVC. All of these documents must be notarized or original for verification.

F4 category visa application fees:

The following are some of the fees that an applicant must pay fully and retain a receipt to add to the documents file.

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  • Application fee: USD 533 / person
  • Health examination fee: 215 USD / person
  • Interview fee: 325 USD / person
  • Green card fee: 163 USD / person
  • Income tax examination fee: 123 USD / person
  • Please note that the above fees are for reference only, as fees may vary by the Consulate.

How to verify the status of an application for an F4 visa

1. Contact USCIS customer support.

If you would want to check the progress of your F4 visa application but lack the time to do it online, you can contact the USCIS multi-national customer care center directly. The facility solely supports F4 visa-related services, so please be aware of that.

Contact information for USCIS: (800) 375-5283

When calling, you should write down the following details: Date and hour of the call; The receiver’s name and phone number; Give the reference number to the person who received the call if the application hasn’t been processed yet.

2. Monitor an application’s progress online.

You will receive an email with a receipt from the USCIS after they have received your application. There are case and receipt numbers on it. You can track your case directly using this information by visiting the Case Status Online website (click here: https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do). You can also examine additional cases and stages, which are updated daily (such as processing times, visa approval times based on where the application is processed). You can register for USCIS auto-update services by email and SMS if you want to get updates every day or every month.

We hope that the information above will be useful to you as you apply for a US family-based immigrant visa. Please visit our website greencardpetitions.com or write to us at info@f4india.com for free assistance!

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