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the winning strategy for a case
the winning strategy for a case
  • August 31, 2022

Create the winning strategy for a case.

If you are having issues with your pending petition, you can obtain information by requesting an info pass. When a petitioner schedules an info pass appointment, an immigration officer will respond to their inquiries and give them the most recent information on the progress of their application through a free online service. A useful alternate method of contacting USCIS directly is via Info Pass.

How will Info Pass be useful to you?

It is unpaid! You pay nothing to make your own appointments.

It is more practical.

To make an appointment online from your home computer, a mobile device, or a computer at your local library, please go to

It’s simple. Take these simple actions:

  • Select a language.
  • When making an appointment, Info Pass offers twelve different languages for you to choose from.
  • In the “Make an Appointment” section:
  • Choose within the United States, and then enter the zip code for your address if you are in the country.
  • Choose outside the U.S. and then the country you are now in if you are not in the United States.
  • Set the time and day of your appointment.
  • If you can’t find a time that works for you, check back with Info Pass the next day. Every working day, there are new appointment options available.
  • Give at least your name, birth date, and phone number.
  • The appointment reminder that pops up on your computer should be printed. You must bring the notice to your Info Pass appointment, which will list the time, date, and location of your appointment. If you are unable to print the appointment reminder, note down both the confirmation number and the PIN so that you may access your Info Pass appointment reminder at a later time.

What documents should you bring to the appointment?

You will need to bring documents that may facilitate explain your question or problem along with your case.

  1. Your Info Pass appointment notice confirmation
  2. Passport
  3. Valid driver’s license
  4. Permanent Resident Card (also known as a Green Card)
  5. Employment Authorization Document
  6. Form I-94, Arrival-Departure Record with affixed image

 Any USCIS correspondence issued to you. Examples include:

  1. Receipt notice
  2. Interview appointment notice
  3. Decision letter
  4. Request for evidence (documents)
  5. All foreign documents that relate to your inquiry should be translated

What happens if you have to change the appointment?

Utilizing the confirmation number and PIN that were printed on the initial appointment confirmation notice, you can cancel or reschedule appointments.

If you are unable to establish your appointment at the designated time, kindly cancel it so that the United States of America can serve the greatest number of people feasible. Rearranging or cancelling an appointment is free of charge.

If you misplace your appointment reminder, you can print a new one by going to Info Pass and providing the necessary information.

What if your question is simple and routine?

You are not required to personally meet with USCIS officers to discuss routine issues. you’ll handle these inquiries simply over the phone or on our web site by clicking on one of the buttons placed on the bottom half of the Info Pass homepage.

For General info, save yourself a visit – call the USCIS Contact Center at 800-375-5283 from the comfort of your home to see if we can answer your queries first!

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