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Indian Passport
Indian Passport
  • August 22, 2022


To travel abroad, Indian nationals are granted Indian passports by the Ministry of External Affairs of the Republic of India. The Passports Act provides documentation for Indian citizenship and permits the bearer to travel overseas (1967).

In contrast to 58 nations in 2021, 60 countries, including Bhutan, Nepal, Indonesia, and Macau, now grant visa-free travel to holders of Indian passports, placing them at position 87 in the passport index.

The index, based on data gathered over 17 years, aids both individuals and governments in determining the relative worth of citizens worldwide based on whether passports provide simple visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to other nations.

1,63,370 Indians may have given up their citizenship, according to an Economic Times investigation. Most individuals moved their citizenships to the United States (78,284), Australia (23,533), Canada (21,597) and the UK (14,637).

According to a Bloomberg analysis, Asian nations have hardly appeared in the top 10 list of strong passports since 2017. Additionally, since the outbreak, Asian nations have been wary while opening their airspace to other nations.

Different Types of Passports in India

  • Blue Passport – General public
  • White Passport – Government officials
  • Diplomatic Passport – Indian diplomats and senior government officials
  • Orange Passport – Individuals who have not studied beyond class 10.

Why is an Indian passport so valuable?

A nation must provide visa-free travel, visa on arrival, and visa in advance for passport holders to receive the highest ranking on the passport index. The ones that provide people with the most freedom to travel are the ones with the strongest passports in the world.

Countries Names where Indian passport holders can travel visa-free:

Cook Island                                                                Marshall Islands                                                      
Fiji Micron
Niue Palau Islands
Samoa Tuvalu
Vanuatu Iran
Jordan Oman
Qatar Albania
Serbia Barbados
British Virgin Islands                       Dominica
Grenada Haiti
Jamaica Montserrat
St. Kitts and Nevis St. Lucia
St. Vincent and the Grenadines Trinidad and Tobago
Bhutan Cambodia
Indonesia Laos
Macao (SAR China) Maldives
Myanmar Nepal
Sri Lanka Thailand
Timor-Leste Bolivia
El Salvador Botswana
Burundi Cape Verde Islands
Comoro Islands Ethiopia
Gabon Guinea-Bissau
Madagascar Mauritania
Mauritius Mozambique
Rwanda Senegal
Seychelles Sierra Leone
Somalia  Tanzania
Togo Tunisia
Uganda Zimbabwe