Family based Immigrant Visa

Family based Immigrant Visa Interview for Green Card
  • August 24, 2022

Family based Immigrant Visa Interview for Green Card

The final stage of the procedure is typically the interview for family green card applications (Green Card through a family petition filed by a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident for their Qualifying relative). The interview will be conducted by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) if the prospective immigrant is currently present in the country and has applied for status adjustment. But let’s say the prospective immigrant lives abroad. The National Visa Center (NVC) will then arrange for the interview to take place in a U.S. consulate or embassy in the applicant’s country of residency.

Whether conducted domestically or abroad, the green card interview based on the family petition has two primary goals:

  • To determine the eligibility of the petitioner and applicant, the intended immigrant,
  • The sponsor, and to determine the validity of the information supplied on the forms and in the supporting documentation.

Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of the types of questions you should prepare for during the interview. How successfully you do so will undoubtedly affect the outcome of your application. Here, we’ll go through a few of the most often asked questions regarding family green cards.

An immigrant visa that is divided into categories for family preference and close relatives of U.S. citizens is known as a family-based green card. It is granted based on a qualifying family connection between an applicant who is a foreign national and a citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States. A family-based green card is the most popular way of obtaining permanent residency among other green card categories in the United States.

Intentional immigrants who are getting ready for their family green card interviews should carefully go over all of their paperwork because the officer will likely base the majority of their inquiries on it. We therefore encourage you to review the documents you have submitted and the information you have provided in the forms previously sent to NVC or USCIS at any point to prevent giving any contradictory responses.

Family Green Card Interview Sample Questions

Marriage-based category: The essence here is to establish that Marriage is bona fide. The applicant entered into the Marriage in good faith based on love rather than for immigration benefits. 

Questions would be

1. How and where did you meet?

2. Where was your spouse living when you met?

3. Who did they live with before you got married?

4. When did your relationship become romantic?

5. Who proposed between the two of you?

6. Where and when did the proposal take place? Who witnessed the proposal?

7. How long did you court before Marriage?

8. Where and when did you meet your in-laws?

Questions about Your Wedding

1. When did you marry?

2. Where did the wedding take place?

3. Where was the wedding reception?

4. How many guests were there at the wedding?

5. Who were the bridesmaids and groomsmen?

6. Where did you go for your honeymoon?

Questions about Your Relationship

1. When is your wedding anniversary?

2. How many rooms does your home have?

3. Are all the rooms on the same side of the home?

4. Where does your landlord live?

5. Who takes care of family finances?

6. Who pays the mortgage or rent for the home?

7. What bank do you use?

8. Do you have a joint account?

9. Are both your salaries deposited into the same account?

10. Can you briefly describe the furniture in your bedroom?

11. How do you celebrate a special family moment?

Questions about Your Spouse:

1. What is your spouse’s date of birth?

2. What type of work do they do?

3. Where do they work now?

4. What is their position?

5. What is their work schedule?

6. How much is their salary?

7. Where was he working when you met?

8. Did they have a car when you met? What color, model?

9. Do they still drive the same car? If not, when did they change it?

10. How much is owed on the car they now use? How much do they pay on them monthly?

11. What is their favorite meal?

12. Where did they go to school?

13. Did he attend college?

14. What did they major in?

15. What degree did they get?

16. How many siblings do they have? Have you met them before?

17. What was their best friend?

18. Do you both have mutual friends?

Family Green Card Interview Questions for Applicants other than Marriage based category

For family-based relationships like siblings, parents, married children, and unmarried children (over 21 years of age), the questions relate to the family relationship between you and your sponsor. However, they are not as intimate as they are for a marriage-based green card. The questions will attempt to establish:

1. If you genuinely have a qualifying familial relationship with the sponsor claimed in your application

2. If your sponsor is a citizen or lawful permanent resident

3. If you have any disqualifying past criminal record (your police clearance certificate will be reviewed)

4. If you have ever violated any U.S. immigration law (your immigration database will be reviewed)

5. If you have drug addictions or if you are or once were a drug addict or dealer,

6. Whether or not you are a habitual drunkard

7. That you are not a terrorist or belong to any terrorist organization

8. If your children are genuinely yours if you have children on your application

9. If your marriage is bona fide and entered into in good faith if you filed with your spouse

10. Whether or not you have any infectious disease by checking your medical examination

NOTE: Sometimes the questions above are not asked direct as they are in the marriage-based Interview. It is just a way of an officer to verify whatever information you give at the Interview with the one filled in your form.

How an Immigration Attorney Can Help

The family-based green card application procedure is a drawn-out and arduous trip, and you have expended money, time, and energy to reach the last stage, the visa interview. And we are confident that no one who has worked so hard to get this far will ever make a single error during your interview because it can result in a setback or denial. Hire a family-based green card immigration attorney to avoid this.

F4 India is a group of very skilled immigration lawyers who have a wealth of expertise and experience in the family green card application procedure. In order to minimize RFEs that can create delays, we will assist you in preparing your petitions with the essential supporting documentation. You can get in touch with our attorneys today and schedule a consultation by emailing

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