Expedite Request for Visa Process at NVC

Expedite Request for Visa Process at NVC
  • August 23, 2022

If the NVC receives your family-based immigration petition (I-130) and USCIS approves it. Then, with the aid of our knowledgeable attorneys, you can hasten the processing of your marriage- and family-based applications (IR-1, CR-1) and F2B, F3, and F4 petitions.

Numerous families have benefited from our immigration law office’s assistance in hastening their immigration cases.

How to file Expedite Request

You must have a compelling reason to prioritize your case over other applicants’ cases if you want to submit an expedite request for your family-based petition (F2B, F3, F4, CR-1, IR-1). Remember to provide the following details in your request:

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Expedite Request for Visa Process at NVC

  1. USCIS case receipt number 
  2. Invoice number 
  3. NVC case number 
  4. Beneficiary’s first and last name and date of birth, Petitioner’s first and last name and date of birth 
  5. One Cell phone number and one fixed line number where the beneficiary may be contacted.
  6. I-130 approval notice and any other documents 
  7. Supporting letters for your expedite Request 
  8. Doctor’s note, a psychological evaluation.
  9. Cover letter and affidavits from relatives in the U.S
  10. List of relatives in the U.S. along with their status in the U.S.

Making the case for the US Consulate overseas is the responsibility of the National Visa Center. The case is sent straight to the US Embassy abroad after being examined and qualified by NVC. It expedites a case by skipping the NVC process, but this is only possible if you have already paid the $445 NVC costs online, completed your DS 260 and uploaded or submitted all of the necessary civil documents. The tax returns and the affidavit of support (I-864) must also be sent in or uploaded. Prior to the interview at the foreign consulate, these documents must be ready.

Eight crucial reasons to request an Expedite:

  1. The health of the Petitioner 
  2. Having a psychological evaluation on trauma, the beneficiary has experienced in their home country (such as sexual abuse)
  3. Financial hardship
  4. A child aging out (turning 21 years old) 
  5. Long Delay by the National Visa Centre 
  6. The beneficiary is needed to take care of the Petitioner due to a medical condition
  7. Pregnancy of the beneficiary nearing term
  8. Other hardship factors.

Timeline Expedited

You need not be concerned if your NVC request is rejected. Your case is still generally processing, nevertheless.

If your request is expedited, you should receive notice of the interview at the foreign consulate within 4 to 8 weeks. If you don’t have all the necessary paperwork, the case will be postponed.

The case may be expedited with or without conditions depending on the situation. From case to case, this changes. In the event that your case is expedited without restrictions, the file will be delivered immediately to the American embassy nearest to you for an interview. And if your expedite request is authorized with conditions, you will need to comply with the demands right away. Typically, the requirements are to complete the paperwork on the NVC website, pay the costs, and only then will the file be sent to the consulate abroad.

The beneficiary will be notified via email with detailed instructions once the expedite request is approved.

Expedite Request for Visa Process at NVC

  1. The confirmation page for the DS260 the appointment letter from the consulate
  2. The beneficiary’s passport, which must have a minimum remaining validity of six months.
  3. 4. If the medical examiner provides you the sealed envelope containing the medical results. Note that you must book the medical appointment at a facility that has been authorized   by the consulate. The medical examiner may also send it immediately to the consulate.
  4. Three passport-style photographs from the USA (2 inches x 2 inches and in color)
  5. Police clearances from every place you’ve lived since you were 16 years old.
  6. If necessary, certified birth certificates with an English translation
  7. If applicable, certified marriage certificate with an English translation
  8. Certified divorce judgments, if necessary
  9. Documents that attest to a partnership, such as photos, joint accounts, bills, and birth certificates for any children
  10. Supporting papers, such as tax transcripts, tax returns, W2s, and a current letter of employment, must be sent with the affidavit of support (form I864). Please make sure you have this ready, together with any supporting documentation from co-sponsors, if applicable.
  11. If the beneficiary has lived in the USA, complete Form DS 5540.
  12. You should have legal counsel before leaving the United States if you are not working with one. Potential customers have called us when they were ready to have an interview, but they had not yet received approval for an i601a provisional waiver before leaving the country to conduct their illegal activity. VIRUS INA 212A9B If this waiver is required but not submitted until after your departure from the US, there will be significant delays. A certain number of criminal convictions will delay or prevent reintegration. If a waiver is available, illegally bringing in family members may also need obtaining it, which will add to the delays. There are several situations where a waiver may be required. A permanent bar is also present. See INA 212a9c or a lifetime bar for false claim to USA citizenship.

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Expedite Request for Visa Process at NVC

Everyone wants an expedite, but there must be good grounds. This is because there have been considerable delays due to COVID-19, travel bans, and Muslim bans affecting consular processing. In the last few months, we have successfully handled hundreds of instances. But because American immigration law is so intricate, there are always fresh challenges to face. Call Samar at +91-6283507748 for a free phone consultation to see if we can assist you.

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